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What to expect

Whether you are an organisation or private client, we begin with a free discovery session to get to know each other, because our relationship will be key to the results we want to achieve.

People come to The Outside Mind for different reasons – and it’s during this session that we will talk about those reasons and look at what you’d like to change for the future.

When I’m working with organisations, we start with defining what you would like to change, ways to explore your current situation, how we will evaluate this and what we can do to plan for making your desired changes.

As a private coaching client we will discuss what you would like to get from the sessions and work through how we can best work together, developing things as we get to know each other more.

Many of our sessions together will take place outside, walking along, just the two of us in the great outdoors, because thinking and talking comes much easier to some people than when they are indoors and static.

Some clients prefer to be indoors and I have a dedicated space to do that. Or we can meet at a convenient place for you.

The choice is always my client’s.

My role: Organisations

In organisations I will work in partnership with you help you better understand your team.

We will develop exploration processes that work for you, including questionnaires, informal interviews, or perhaps you as the leader want to get more involved and hold some open forums. You could even ‘go back to the floor’, to remember what it’s really like to do that role someone isn’t finding very easy.

However we decide to do it, I’m here to guide you and share previously unseen perspectives to help you to make adjustments in your thinking and outlook.

I will work with you following these explorations and come up with the best possible solutions bespoke to your organisation.

My role: Private 1:1 / organisational 1:1 Coaching

For private clients or organisational 1:1 coaching, my role will be to work with you in hour-long sessions to question your thinking, offer my insight, observations and intuition of you that can often be blinkered when we are trying to tackle things on our own.

I can’t get in your mind and make you change – you will do this part but I will help to navigate your path through previous thinking and ensure you get the end result which you have designed.

You will find your own solution that works for you, your life, family and career – because you can only make changes that fit.

Most private clients usually gain the best results from four to eight weekly, one-hour sessions.


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