Client Testimonials

Michelle, aged 47, Teaching Assistant and mother of 3 children

Having been a full time mother to my children aged 4, 5 and 11 I was at the point in my life where I wanted to get ‘me’ back, I had lots of ideas but didn’t know where to start, I wanted to begin working part time as an 11+ tutor but had lost confidence in getting back into work and putting myself out there as a business, and I didn’t feel comfortable about my eating habits and weight.

My mind felt full of ideas but very muddled and I wanted to get a plan in place.  We did some sessions in the dedicated space in Eleana’s home, some in a hotel café and others walking in our local area.

The sessions gave me a relaxed, calm safe space to openly talk about what I wanted to achieve but what was holding me back.

It was a sense of relief to talk about some personal things and develop solutions with Eleana’s support. Eleana identified that I am a visual person, so I came away with written colourful plans that meant something to me, this was what I had developed and I felt stronger for it.

I found talking about my weight and eating habits very difficult at first, but I felt amazing for getting over the hurdle of just talking about it to someone, I felt I could really open up to Eleana.

The sessions were tough at times, I wanted to be challenged, but we always had a good laugh along the way. I wanted to get fit and we even did some joint boxing sessions together with a personal trainer where Eleana was there to encourage me and we had a workout together which was really good fun!

I am now an 11 plus tutor but my journey has continued as Eleana and I keep in touch.

I also took up a job as a pre school teacher and have now moved into a full time teaching assistant post at a local school.


“It was a sense of relief to talk about some personal things and develop solutions with Eleana’s support.”

Dan, age 37, Personal Trainer, Student and Author

I was at the point in my life where I wanted to make some key decisions and decided to invest in some 1:1 coaching sessions.

My end goal was to train to become a Physiotherapist as a 36 year old mature student,  but I needed to retake my Maths and English GCSE’s to achieve this.

I didn’t have a good experience at school and it felt a big hurdle to get back in the classroom.

I was also part way through writing a novel and lacked motivation to complete it which is something I really wanted to do.

I really like being outdoors so I had my sessions walking and talking.  My mind is the most free in the outdoors so this helped me have some space to think and be creative about my own solutions.

I had a surprisingly big brain work out in the sessions, Eleana challenged my way of thinking, asked me questions, some of which made me delve into things I didn’t want to confront, but knew I had to if I wanted to achieve my goals.

The confusion and obstacles in my mind became much clearer and by the end of a session I always had an outcome that I had developed so it worked for me.

This summer I gained a grade 7 in my English GCSE and have just published my novel.

I’ve just started an access course and hope to start university next September.


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